"Music is my language to make our world a better place"

Eugene Godunov

Musician | DJ | Producer


CURLY is a musician, DJ and producer from The Republic of Moldova currently based in South Korea.


Playing violin, piano and guitar since an early age, he got his first formal musical training when he was in middle-school. In those years he took part in a classical guitar ensemble which won several national musical contests. Afterwards, switching to the electric guitar as his main instrument, CURLY had lead guitar positions in several bands before graduating high-school. Being always passionate about new sounds, modern music equipment and electronic music in general, he recently switched into djing and electronic music production.


His passion and interest in electronic music expand the boundaries of producing possibilities which create unique, fresh and "killing" beats. Taking part in several djing contests and being an invited guest to parties and local clubs.


Besides his musical career, CURLY is an active environmentalist involved in activities with environmental NGOs and has a strong scientific degree in environmental sciences. Global warming is real.

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